August 9, 2022

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‘Kingdoms of Amular: Re-Reckoning’ – PC Review

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Whats going on Gameologists! Welcome to Gameology News review of Kingdoms of Amular Re-Reckoning. Developed by KAIKO and Big Huge Games, published by THQ Nordic, this game brings us finally back to the world of Amular and the fight against the Tuatha Deohn. Sit right back and we here at Gameology News will tell you all about Kingdoms of Amular: Re-Reckoning.

Kingdoms of Amular starts off by you being wheeled in on a covered cart pulled by two gnomes. At this point, you’re allowed to pick from four different races, as well as genders for all of them. Once your character is ready to be seen, they dump you into a mass grave. Unknown to the gnomes you actually were not a failed experiment. Waking up to the Well of Souls being under attack, we learn that we are the chosen one, that, through all of the experiments to make a mortal immortal, has finally succeeded. The Tuatha, a race of Fae who rule the Winter Court, have something to say about it. With encouragement from scientists, we escape in time and that’s where the real meat and potatoes of the game starts. From this point, we are greeted by a fate weaver who mysteriously cannot tell you what your fate is. By his guidance you are sent to look for answers.

Now is a good time to tell you that there is a lot to do, and I mean a lot. During the tutorial they give you each of the main types of weapons, which lets you briefly test out each class before you make the final decision on your skill of choice. The three skill trees are Sorcery, Might, and Finesse. By putting points into these you unlock destiny cards which you can change every time you level up. I myself specced into Might and Finesse and made my way to the Blade Master Destiny which is just one of many different ways you can play. Like many other RPGs this game wants to let you play the way you want to, especially with many movesets to choose from. Most of which being the classic niche from gathering resources and crafting potions and gear, to being about stealth and expert lockpicking. This game really lets you play it your way. At anypoint that you feel like you want to try a new set up or a different way to play you can visit one of the fate weavers in the game and pay them to reset your abilities.

The story is where Kingdoms of Amular Re-Reckoning really comes to life. With a whole original story written by R A Salvatorie there is so much to see and do. Like other RPGs of its time of original release, you are given many different dialogue options as well as a lot of extra lore that can be learned just from talking with the NPCs that fill up this vast world that is Amular. With the story being so good it was easy to find myself lost and engrossed listening to one of the carian stones telling its story. The amount of side quests that you come across will have you deviating very easily. Almost every zone you go to there is always someone waiting to give you a quest. I really like this because before I knew it I had out leveled the main quest while heading towards them.

Visually, the world of Amular is stunning. Each area that you go to has its own unique look and beauty to them. With this being a re-release of a game from a past gen of consoles it held up really well. I have the original on PC as well and compared the two side by side. Textures were improved and updated, bringing everything to a higher quality. This version of the game is almost 1 for 1 when playing the PC version on the highest setting. To me, a lot of older RPGs had a problem with voice acting, but not this game. Everything was synced up and sounded amazing. Listening to the story, I found myself wanting to hear more and searched for as many people as I could to talk to, to relearn this world from my past.

I feel that Kingdoms of Amular Re-Reckoning has really made a big come back. It is a great way for this next generation of gamers coming out to experience this RPG game for themselves for the first time without having to go and get an old console and finding a used copy. There are some things in the game that still are rough to me. The inventory system for one is a little bulky, making you buy more bags for the slightest bit of space. A saving grace for this is the fact you can own multiple houses, which can be upgraded and hold an inventory stash for you to store those important items you just do not want to part with. I found myself playing for hours and not even realizing it. For replayability, all I can say is that I’m playing it again after all these years and when I’m done I’ll end up playing again in the future. Regardless, there’s so much to do the first time around!

This has been Bom from Gameology News, and we give this game a 4.3 out of 5. If you would like to discuss this review, or any other gaming content, join us in the Gameology News Disord. Happy Gaming everyone and as always Know Your Games.

Final Score: 4.3/5