May 19, 2024

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‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge’ – PC Review

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Hey Gameologists, and welcome to the Gameology News review of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge on PC. Another incredible classic arcade beat ‘em up brought to us by the same publishers of Streets of Rage 4, Dotemu, as well as publisher Gamera Games, and developed by Tribute Games Inc. Bringing to us a story about Shredder’s revenge against the ninja turtles. He is joined by the Foot clan, Krang, Baxter, and many other favorite original villains. This will not be an easy battle.

The four mutant turtles are not alone in this fight. They have allies in Master Splinter, their favorite reporter, April O’Neil, and Casey Jones. Though, the latter cannot take part until after completing the story mission at least once. He is definitely worth unlocking. Choose from Chill (Easy), Okay (Medium), or Gnarly (Hard) difficulty to begin. Story Mode is a saved game file, but the player can choose which character to take in each time. Stay in Chill difficulty with all story progression, but switch up characters to level them all up. To change difficulty, the player will need to start a new game and overwrite the existing save file.

Each Episode includes challenges to complete and the amount of collectibles to find, and they correspond with cameos. Find Burne and his scattered headlines. Vernon and all his missing VHS tapes filled with thrilling reports. Irma needs the pages of her secret diary returned. That’s only a few of them. Helping out the ninja turtles’ friends will reward the player with points. Track the completion of achievements, challenges, collectibles, and levels of the characters in the Turtle’s Lair.

Arcade Mode lets you jump into the action old school style. One set of lives, just like if you had paid a coin to the arcade machine to play. Choose from the same level of difficulties as Story mode. Stack up points to gain extra lives. Arcade will not count toward leveling progress, but characters will have all abilities unlocked. No saved progress. No map. No challenges and no collectibles. Just beat ‘em up and go.

Multiplayer online worked without any hitches on the first try, joining was easy, and it was a blast with friends. This is where we see the most replay value. A life is only taken off the counter if everyone is downed, but any player can revive a teammate by invigorating them with the aroma of a fresh slice of pizza. Or share a crisp high five to give and receive health when an ally is in need. Not all the pizza in the pizza boxes will provide health for the entire group, so watch out for that and be generous. Additionally, some of the challenges can be completed across the group instead of individually when playing with friends. It’s important to work together.

Overall, Shredder’s Revenge was enjoyable. Our only drawback was the short length of the story, but most arcade games aren’t six hours. We see the most replay value in getting the ending for all seven characters, leveling up, and playing through with friends repeatedly. Once we finished, we wanted to hop right back in and do it all over again, but still wishing for more to do. We can definitely see someone who was a fan of the original arcade style games, and the TV show that ran from 1987-1996, more willing to pay the price tag, though. Get playing before Shredder dines on turtle soup!



Final Score: 3.6/5