July 22, 2024

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‘Deliver Us The Moon’ – PC Review

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What’s going on Gameologists! Welcome to Gameology News review of Deliver Us the Moon. The game is developed by KeokeN Interactive and published by Wired Production. This game brings us into an Earth where all of the natural resources are depleted, with the only power being transmitted from the moon. A lone astronaut is sent to discover what happened years after the power mysteriously shut off. Gameology News is here to take you through some of the story and details about the game. So sit right back and we will tell you about it.

The year is 2059. Four years after the Blackout of the Lunar MPT. We start off as one of the last astronauts able to make the flight up to the lunar colony. There is one problem though, one of the largest sandstorms ever seen threatens to stop the launch for an undisclosed period of time. This is humanity’s last chance. Deliver Us the Moon starts with a quick run as well as a few puzzles to reach the spaceship in time. Just making the launch window, we are greeted with an amazing but also frightening look at Earth. With all of the natural resources depleted the world looks like a dim, blue dust ball, giving a grim view of what our real future could hold for us.

After docking, the space elevator takes us down to the moon and it really becomes like a mystery. No one is there with it only running in backup mode. We find out that the satellites on the moon’s surface and power reactor have been shut down. This is where the game’s plot thickens. We make our way to the surface while coming across notes and audio logs until we can locate an ASE unit. This is a floating droid that will follow you around and that you can use to help you solve puzzles. After acquiring the ASE, the story becomes more clear: this wasn’t an accident but totally intentional. 

At this point it’s now up to us to continue on and restore the power, as well as realign the satellite dishes. I’ll leave any more spoilers out and say that if you haven’t played this game you really should put it on your to play list. From the beginning, even though your character is alone with only intermittent communication from Earth, the game has an amazing environment. Visually it is a stunning adventure that has mystery as well as suspense. When you do reach the end it leaves you with a feeling that there has to be more to this story. If that is how you feel too then there is a sequel to this called Deliver Us Mars. I hope you all stick around because we will be having a review of this game up as well. As always Gameologists remember to Know Your Games and if you would like to discuss this game or any other join the Discord and hop in the conversation.

Final Score 3.8/5.0