December 8, 2023

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The Loader Returns to ‘Risk of Rain 2’ with New Features in Skills 2.0 Update

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Customize Survivor Loadouts With More Skills, Conquer a New Stage, and More

Hopoo Games and Gearbox Publishing today released Skills 2.0 Update for Risk of Rain 2 on Steam Early Access. The Loader returns from the original Risk of Rain with the addition of a new stage, a new boss, the ability to earn new skills, and customize Survivor loadouts. Check out the new trailer and learn more about all of these features below.

The Loader fits the role of a bruiser that excels at grappling and up-close combat, including the following skills: 

  • Passive: Scrap Barrier – The Loader is immune to fall damage. Striking enemies with the Loader’s gauntlets grants a temporary barrier.
  • Primary Fire: Knuckleboom – Swing at nearby enemies for 320% damage.
  • Secondary Fire: Grapple Fist – Fire your gauntlet forward, pulling you to the target.
  • Utility: Charged Gauntlet – Charge up a massive punch for 600%-2700% damage that sends you flying forward. Deals significantly more damage the faster you are moving.
  • Special: M551 Pylon – Throw a floating pylon that zaps up to 6 nearby enemies for 100% damage. Can be grappled.

New game features:

  • Skills 2.0 – Each Survivor has a new set of survivor-specific Challenges that, once completed, unlock new individual skills or skins for that respective Survivor. Mix and match skills and fine-tune a Survivor’s kit to perfection! More skills and skins will be added in future updates. 
  • Siren’s Call – Dive into the mossy depths of Siren’s Call and challenge its unique boss.
  • New Items and Equipment – New dangerous additions made to the Survivors’ ever-growing library of tools of the trade. 

Risk of Rain 2, developed by Hopoo Games and published by Gearbox Publishing,  is a third-person roguelike shooter that earned over one million sales within its first month in Steam Early Access. Squad up with up to three friends in Risk of Rain 2 on Steam Early AccessXbox OnePlayStation®4, and Nintendo Switch™ today.