June 24, 2024

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RuneScape’s Fort Forinthry Season Ends With New Quest

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RuneScape’s Fort Forinthry Season Concludes with a Classic Dungeon-Crawling Quest: Dead and Buried

Featuring puzzles that put the ‘crypt’ in ‘cryptic’

Launching today, RuneScape’s Fort Forinthry Season reaches its final update with the Dead and Buried quest. Players will team up with fan-favorite character The Raptor as they venture into the Wilderness Crypt and battle hordes of undead led by the nefarious necromancer, Zemouregal. This update also features a new Ranger’s Workroom to gain powerful upgrades to the Fletching skill.

Following the events of Fort Forinthry: Unwelcome Guests, Zemouregal disappeared behind a mysterious dragonkin door in the newly discovered Wilderness Crypt. Players will venture into a dungeon below the Wilderness to confront Zemouregal ahead of Necromancy, launching in August. This is a classic RuneScape quest with fierce combat, head-scratching puzzles, and epic confrontations, all by torchlight.

However, leaving Fort Forinthry unoccupied while adventuring would be unwise. Players will need to arm the stalwart guards of their fort with crossbows, and that requires upgrading the fort with a new Fletching building, the Ranger’s Workroom. Here players will be able to train their Fletching skill and gain powerful XP boosts while doing so. Using the Ranger’s Workroom will unlock one of the four Wisdom of Anima perks, which will allow players to create the most powerful versions of Elder God Arrows.

Finishing the Dead and Buried quest will reward players with a quest point, a couple of XP lamps, two Treasure Hunter keys, and fully unlocking the three tiers of the Fort Forinthry Ranger’s Workroom.

Fort Forinthry: Dead and Buried is members-content. For more information, please visit the RuneScape website. RuneScape is available now on PC, Steam, iOS, and Android, complete with cross-platform progression and play on PC and mobile.