April 16, 2024

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Introducing “DepowerBall” – A Tactical Party Platformer Launching on Steam, August 21st!

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Get ready to embark on an exhilarating and hilarious gaming experience as “DepowerBall” arrives on Steam on August 21st. Developed by Mega Power Games, DepowerBall is a ‘tactical party game, that allows players to take away their enemy’s powers mid-game and watch them flounder with rage as they try to figure out what to do next.

A modern spin on classic party video games, DepowerBall is both a throwback and a love letter to the golden days of multiplayer gaming where all you needed was a copy of a game, an internet connection, and some friends to play with.

This action-packed competitive party platformer promises to deliver endless hours of fun, strategic decision-making, and heart-pounding gameplay for players of all skill levels!

Whether it’s feeding the hungry Dragon Queen or playing keep-away with a golden treat, every match, each player starts with the same set of powers to try and accomplish their task! When a player wins a round, he or she will earn the Queen’s favor, but will also earn the wrath of the other players, who are then able to vote to take away one of the winner’s powers! Adapt to your changing conditions, or get left behind as the other players take advantage of your weakened state in a race to be the first to win three rounds!

Welcome to the pit.
  • Local Multiplayer action for 1-4 players (or play with bots to train)
  • Online Multiplayer action where you can play alone in Quick Match or in a Party with up to 4 in a group!
  • As you earn favor online, you will also earn ranked badges to show off to your friends on your quest to earn the rank of ‘Royal Champion’
  • Balanced Gameplay – where winning a round means losing one of your powers, ensuring a competitive atmosphere
  • Spectator mode for parties available for casting/streaming!
  • Power Drafting – Where all players get to decide which powers are used in a match!
  • Five levels with ridiculous hazards!
  • Two different game modes to keep things fresh (DepowerBall and T.A.G.)!
  • Eight adorable characters to choose from!
  • Dress your characters up with unlockable accessories to showcase your own personality!
  • Keep track of your progress with live stats