June 24, 2024

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‘Far Cry 6’ – PC Review

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What’s going on Gameologists! Welcome to Gameology News review of Far Cry 6, developed by Ubisoft Toronto and published by Ubisoft. This game is named number six in the series but is actually a much further release. In this main franchise release we are taken to the fictional Caribbean island named Yara. Sit right back while we here at Gameology News tell you all about it.

Welcome to Yara. This place forgotten by time has been under a forty seven year lock down under the new El’ Presidente Antón Castillo. Castillo would like to bring Yara to the for-front of the world again with their revolutionary new drug called Viviro. This is where we the players come in. Like most Far Cry series that came before it, we start off with a chase scene to build up the plot for why we are here. With bad things happening to us and our only best friend in the world killed, our only choice to fight back is to join the revolution led by Libertad. Becoming a Guerrilla comes all too natural while playing this latest entry into this amazing series. With the base plot out there now, I won’t spoil the story as it is so new and fresh, it’s time for gameplay, graphics/sound, and, finally, our opinion.

When starting a new game you are prompted which way you would like to play. Difficulty is broken up into Action and Story mode. Action mode is the original difficulty for Far Cry games, where you have to strategize and plan to survive while enemies pack a mean punch. Story mode is more for newcomers or beginners of the series who would like to experience the story and explore the world with less threat to their lives. Enemies inflict less damage in this mode and the game is a lot more lenient. 

Unlike previous Far Cry games, six has opted out of using the traditional ability system where you pick and choose what you want, and have instead given you a reason to change your outfits. Each one gives you special perks. There are alot of them as well as customizable weapons. While running through, the first set of gear I picked up from caches was the munition set. These outfits can be mixed and matched to give your character the abilities for your play style. Outfits and weapons can be found in different cache’s over the island or with enough rep can be purchased from one of Juan’s arms dealers. These normal weapons can be upgraded at the Guerrilla’s favorite stop, the workbench. These upgrades vary from different style ammo to barrel attachments as well as scopes. The specialty versions of these weapons are already upgraded and unable to be changed. 

Vehicles, like most other entries of the series, must be found out in the world or acquired from missions. You have the ability to call one of Juan’s drop off vehicles. Capturing vehicles out in the world will also unlock various cosmetics as well as weapons for Juan’s cars. Juan’s vehicles can be upgraded at a work bench just like your weapons, giving a very wide range of crafting for a Far Cry game. 

While progressing through the game you will start gathering companions. Unlike the other titles in the series, since you are a solo fighting machine, the companions are all animals. These are called your amigos. There are multiple types that you can acquire. The first one you are given story wise is Guapo, your trusty croc friend. Each amigo has different abilities which can be unlocked by doing certain actions in the game. It’s your decision whether or not you would like to take them into battle. If you want to be stealthy and you haven’t gotten your stealth amigo you might want to drop Guapo as he is vicious.  

There are four major locations in addition to the starting zone and Libertad main headquarters. These regions are Isla Santurio, Madrugada, Valle De Oro, El Este, and Esperanza. This makes up all of Yara with a very vast change in each zone. Like with previous entry five, each of these zones are broken up into factions as well as a boss they are fighting. Taking these bosses down will lead to being able to actually go after Antón Castillo. Our job is being an olive branch between these Libertad Guerrilla’s and the local warring factions trying to take their land back from this evil dictator. Each of these regions all have a base camp, and once you become friends with them it can also be upgraded. These upgrades vary with reward as well as have multiple levels to upgrade. Only two buildings can be built in each camp. Buildings to choose from are Hideout Network, Guerrilla Garrison, Fishing Hut, La Cantina, Bandidos Barracks, and Hunter’s Lodge. These towns also have their own activities. You can sit down and play some dominos or you can use one of the roosters you have collected throughout the world in a cockfight. Cockfights have an almost Tekken or Street Fighter feel where you control your rooster. This leads us finally to a gameplay look at missions. 

Missions can be acquired by following the main operation route. Side missions can be acquired by finding informants. These informants may tell you about a place to destroy, locations of caches, or even if someone has a special request. Another departure from previous series, when talking to a quest giver you now have a pop out scene. If you’re in a rush you can just skip and accept the mission. Or if you would like to learn some more backstory about why you’re doing this, they talk to you for a little while all with their own animation instead of a still image. Through “!” pick-ups marked on the map, you can also find races. This gives you a chance to prove your skills in this detailed world.

Graphically wise I’m incredibly impressed. Far Cry 6 plays super smooth and seamless. From swimming in the ocean to running through the jungle, the detail of everything had me stopping multiple times. Taking me away from my quest and wanting to climb that mountain or radio tower and just admire the view. Audio is on point. The sound while sneaking around or driving in a vehicle feels amazing. I found myself just sitting around in a car, bopping back and forth to amazing Latino inspired covers as well as originals.

Once you complete the mission, do or die, you will unlock the option to play co-op with one of your friends online. You can search out other players or randomly join someone who is looking for a party member. I had the chance to play with a fellow Gameology News Discord member through most of the start of their story and I have found some interesting things. First of all, connecting to and playing with them was seamless. I had no problem and I don’t have the fastest net. We snuck into bases, destroyed roadblocks, and even ran a few cockfight rounds together. What I’ve learned is that even if you are on the same main story mission, the host’s progress will only be saved and the partners will not. What will be saved is items, weapons, and armor. This is a very big thing because if you already grabbed a cache in your game you can still get your partner’s cache drop. Kind of helping you when you go back to your own game. Overall, online play was very satisfying.

With all of that said, I’m glad with the direction Ubi has taken this. After backlash about being political when they didn’t mean to be with five, they embraced it and made a villian that we all want to hate. I have not fully finished the Far Cry 6 but am 45% done at the time of writing this. I’ve had a blast. One moment you could be exploring a cave to find a hidden cache hoping to get some rare supplies. Another you might be driving a tank right down the main road into a roadblock to smash. Even stealthing into bases and settlements and liberating them for Libertad. This is an action packed adventure you should not miss. How I describe it is a story like five, with an environment like three, and a little sprinkle of four’s whackie craziness. Whether this is a franchise you have played before or a newcomer, anyone could have fun just picking up and playing. If you would like to discuss this review or any other gaming content feel free to join us on our Discord. And remember to always Know Your Games. This is Gameologist Bomdetel signing off.

Final Score: 4.6/5