September 29, 2022

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Chamber Works: “NieR Automata” Kicks Off New Album Series

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Remastered Soundtrack arranger Sean Schafianski starts new album series with live ensemble tribute to award-winning NieR: Automata soundtrack

Materia Collective is thrilled to kick off a new album series alongside arranger Sean Schafianski with Chamber Works: NieR Automata. Schafianski–best known for his Remastered Soundtrack series with albums dedicated to Secret of Evermore, Final Fantasy Mystic Quest, and Breath of Fire III–turns his attention to live orchestra with performances by the ETHEReal String Orchestra, Videri String Quartet, and The Game Brass. Each contributes riveting performances that breathe new life into the award-winning NieR: Automata soundtrack composed by MoNACA. Chamber Works: NieR Automata is licensed and available today in digital and limited edition CD formats:

Chamber Works: NieR Automata on Bandcamp

Chamber Works: NieR Automata on iTunes

Chamber Works: NieR Automata on Spotify

“Each of these themes are arranged to suit chamber ensembles such as one would see in concert settings,” explains arranger Sean Schafianski. “Much of the inspiration for these arrangements comes from my experience with 20th Century music, minimalism and post minimalism–subjects that I studied deeply during my university days. There is a lot to uncover here, including references to Philip Glass, Steve Reich, Samuel Barber, and more. This album was challenging to put together, both from an arrangement and logistical standpoint. All of the musicians did an amazing job, and they deserve all the praise you can give them!”

Several key themes from the game are featured, including the driving “Alien Manifestation,” the melancholy “Vague Hope,” and the infectiously upbeat “Pascal,” among others. The full track listing for Chamber Works: NieR Automata is as follows:

  1. Emil’s Shop
  2. Vague Hope – Cold Rain
  3. Pascal
  4. Copied City
  5. Mourning
  6. Alien Manifestation
  7. The Sound of the End