September 29, 2023

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‘CartographR’ App Brings a 3D Living Tabletop to Your TTRPG Game Nights

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With the goal of bringing living, breathing, and fully immersive 3D game worlds to tabletop role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons, the adventuring party/development team at CartographR Technology are pleased today to unveil their augmented reality app — CartographR. The app, which recently was successfully funded on Kickstarter, will allow Dungeon Masters (DMs) to share 3D virtual environments with their players in the physical world. DMs will no longer need to carry around cases of specialized figures, castle walls, rocks, and other terrain. With CartographR, they can build and share 3D maps for players to explore at the game table, or remotely, on their mobile devices, tablets, and PCs. With a drag and drop interface, a social-focused marketplace for game assets, and the planned ability to scan and import personal creations, CartographR will allow even novice Dungeon Masters the ability to put together exciting and challenging worlds for their players to explore.

CartographR recently met its funding goal on Kickstarter and is now looking to expand via stretch goals. The Kickstarter is live at

CartographR is a dream app for many Dungeon Masters who want to expand the depth and immersion of their games but don’t have the resources, time, or physical space to build and store terrain and miniatures,” said Joanna Liu, co-founder at CartographR Technology. “With CartographR’s AR and planned web functionality, players will be able to jump into a 3D tabletop experience crafted by their DM, fully immersing them in the game, bringing an added dimension to the traditional tabletop experience.”

“We’re so excited to announce that CartographR hit its funding goal,” said Rivelle Levine, co-founder at CartographR Technology. “This allows us to ensure that we’ll be bringing to users not only a fully realized 3D game experience but the ability to create and share game assets —  from digital miniatures to entire fantasy keeps and castles.”

In development by Joanna Liu and Rivelle Levine, CartographR will provide tools for Dungeon Masters and Game Masters to create and share living, breathing 3D environments for their players. By leveraging the power of Augmented Reality, users will only need a mobile device, tablet, or PC to begin crafting and exploring 3D worlds without any need for coding skills. Also in development are tools that will allow users to scan in physical objects to use as in-game terrain, along with making custom creations shareable with other users.