July 22, 2024

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Thirteen Incredible Brazilian Studios to Reveal Exciting New Content During BIG Digital 2020

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BIG Digital, the online version of Brazil’s Independent Games (BIG) Festival — Latin America’s largest and most crucial games industry conference — invites all game fans to check out never-before-seen content and announcements from thirteen of Brazil’s most talented independent game development studios. Mad Mimic, Cafundo Creative Studio, VR Monkey, and many other incredible studios will present first-looks, new features, and exciting announcements about their games launching this year, and participate in developer talks during The 2020 Brazilian Games Showcase.

The session takes place on June 24, starting at 6:10 PM Brazil Time, 5:10 PM EDT. This and all presentations from BIG Digital, which takes place between June 22 and 26, will be open to the public. Anyone who wishes to watch the free digital presentations, receive BIG Digital news, schedules, and meeting reminders, can sign up at the official website, found here: https://event.bigfestival.com.br/accounts/new.

With support from Brazil Games Export Program, a partnership between the Brazilian Game Companies Association, ABRAGAMES and the Brazilian Export and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil), BIG Digital carries the traditions of its massively successful physical counterpart as a fundamental business hub for video game professionals across the globe through its lectures, networking events, and digital face-to-face meetings.

The following Brazilian studios will showcase their games — all of which will launch in 2020 — during the 2020 Brazilian Games Showcase.

  • Sunland Entertainment Studios — Addle Earth: Launching on PC via Steam, Addle Earth is an action game set in a future where humans have decimated Earth’s species and are enslaved by technology. When an alien arrives on the planet and accidentally frees a girl, they must both team up with a rebel guerrilla and fight to end the domination of machines.

  • Bad Minions — Alchemist Adventure: Coming to PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, Alchemist Adventure is an action and adventure game set in a fantastic and mysterious world, where you need to solve puzzles and fight various enemies by combining alchemical elements.
  • Smash Mountain Studio — BEJJ: Jiu-Jitsu Game: A tactical combat and strategy RPG focused on PvP competitions, BEJJ: Jiu-Jitsu Game welcomes players whose experience ranges from casual to hardcore, according to the preference of those in control. The game will be available on Nintendo Switch, PC, and mobile platforms.
  • Flipstar Studios — Crystal Chasers League: An online action game for Windows PC, Crystal Chasers League features mascot characters, quirky items, and vehicles. Players get together and compete in different leagues, which can be experienced in solo or local split-screen multiplayer modes.
  • Mad Mimic — Dandy Ace: Coming to Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, Dandy Ace is packed with exaggerated action and roguelike progression. Players must use a master magician’s cards to defeat creatures and bosses, collect rewards, and destroy the cursed mirror.
  • 44 Toons Interactive — Gadgetdroid:  Coming to Android and iOS mobile platforms, Gadgetdroid alternately mixes the mechanics of platform games and spaceships in a universe of science fiction. The player’s avatar is a robot that can transform into a spaceship to traverse courses on nine different planets.
  • VRMonkey — Galaxy Kart: A virtual reality racing game coming to PC and PlayStation 4, Galaxy Kart is set in a galaxy full of crazy drivers, each with their own unique skills who must compete in an incredible championship that decides who is the best of all.
  • Monomyto Studio — GunstarsA multiplayer third-person shooter coming to PC, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS, Gunstars throws players into quick 3-minute rounds of strategy combined with frantic combat. The player must explore arenas to collect supplies and weapons, take on all comers, and survive.

  • Venturion VR — Laser Storm VR Team Arena: Cooperative virtual reality shooter Laser Storm VR Team Arena lets up to four players work together against a variety of challenges, such as hordes of space drones, face-hugger parasites, cosmic energy swords, and asteroid collisions. Laser Storm VR Team Arena will be available for Oculus Quest.
  • Skullfish Studios — Mayara & Annabelle: Idle Battles: Coming to Android and iOS mobile devices, Idle Battles combines elements of management, action RPGs, and mini-games. The player needs to manage their team, complete missions, acquire resources, and level-up their employees to become unstoppable moster-mashing masters!
  • Cafundo Creative Studio — Tetragon: A puzzle game for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, Tetragon combines an immersive experience with a beautiful art style, providing a challenging and unique gameplay experience for players of all ages.
  • PushStart — Animal Wow – Hide and Seek: Play hide and seek in Animal Wow – Hide and Seek — coming to Android and iOS! Players follow Bio, Capy, and Tufo as they pilot different versions of the SuperBike, looking for amazing animals and exploring the various biomes of the world. The challenges are generated procedurally, and the animals are always hidden in different places.
  • Playlearn — Under Domain: A gripping strategy game for PC, Under Domain is played in twelve rounds, with 10 possible moves in each. Players take on the role of aliens who must plot out attacks, send in hidden undercover agents to solve critical events, do genetic research as they secretly manipulate the human race, and “prepare it” for an invasion of Earth.

In light of the Coronavirus-induced disruptions across all sectors in 2020, BIG Festival recently announced BIG Digital — a fully online version of its traditional event. Its aim is to ensure developers have access to industry peers, strategic partners, and presentations that are vital to their ongoing success and growth. The event’s dedicated matchmaking platform will provide crucial business networking opportunities previously only possible at the physical event. Those who register to attend have the opportunity to get in direct contact with market giants such as Ubisoft, Microsoft, Epic Games, ByteDance (TikTok), Cartoon Network, CV Capital, Xsolla, Marvelous Inc., with more to be announced later this month.

The complete schedule will be announced soon on the BIG Festival official website.