September 29, 2022

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The Shiny puzzle game Linelight is out today on Nintendo Switch

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After a successful release on PC and Playstation 4, Linelight is now coming on Nintendo Switch! This shiny and smart puzzle game created by Brett Taylor and published by Plug In Digital will be available on November 12th. 

Linelight is a minimalist puzzle-adventure game, with a refreshingly inventive and elegant gameplay.  It takes the wildly simple premise of “What if everything were to take place on a line?” and rockets it into outer space, in an ethereal atmosphere.

Each mechanic is immediately understandable, then gradually combined with familiar elements, leading to an exponentially large array bursting with puzzles, each with a one-of-a-kind solution. There’s no jump button. There’s no shoot button. The way you move creates a universe of possibilities and one mind-bending experience.

Comments from the PC & PS4 version of Linelight:

  • Pure, unadulterated gameplay” – Polygon
  • Linelight is an ingenious Indie Puzzler” – Hardcore Gamer
  • Finding a game like Linelight feels like a blessing” – Gamespot

Key Features:

  • Bask in the soft glow of a world made out of straight lines.
  • Experience 6 hours of pure, unadulterated gameplay.
  • Solve over 250 unique puzzles across 6 unique worlds.
  • Enjoy a Zen, ethereal soundtrack, and enter a state of flow.
  • Explore the intricacies of each world to uncover secret challenges.