December 8, 2023

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“Spuds Unearthed” Dishes The Dirt on a Carb-Loaded Update

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Gamedust Sp z.o.o. has updated Spuds Unearthed – its strategy, tower defense and shooter game currently in Steam Early Access for PC VR – with a massive update that overhauls the game system and rebalances combat.

Spuds Unearthed is a mix of strategy, tower defense and shooting gallery within a fully interactive VR environment. You are an A.I. Hands system – the standard equipment used by a Spud’s Baseship to conquer the galaxy and help the Spuds to continue their frantic fight!

Use strategic thinking and specialize your crew by assigning them different classes – create a frontline by dispatching vehicles and Goonbots, and produce bizarre Turrets with cranks, springs, and anything else you can find.

Full Spuds Unearthed update details:

  • Removed subsystems and the subsystem charging factory from the home planet. You no longer need to charge your subsystems with goonbots and build vehicles. Goonbots are now infinite and are always a part of your defense system. Vehicles are now attached to your Spud class – deploying a Spud to the battlefield will transform him into a proper vehicle.
  • Introduced Spud upgrades. All Spuds (apart from the regulars) can now be upgraded – with each upgrade they get either better combat statistics or new abilities. Use the Spud upgrade center to change your regulars into the class you want. Use a Spud token of the same type multiple times to upgrade your spud.
  • Streamlined use of Spuds and their combat behavior – you now only throw your Spuds to the battlefield. They will land precisely where you throw them and they will behave more in line with their combat role. Upon landing they will occupy the land zone for a certain amount of time.
  • Goonbots are now the only units that can destroy the enemy extractors and defense systems. Upon closing the gap between them they will detonate themselves to damage them. Use your turrets and spuds to help them reach their destination.
  • Added a decal system – the explosions and bullets will now damage the battlefield. The zombuds will spill their rotten juices upon death.
  • Added muzzle flashes to certain weapons.
  • Significantly improved pathfinding – our pathfinding system based on flowfields will now produce very nice and straight paths to destinations.
  • Various minor bugfixes.
  • Introduced color palette to the units so now you can easily differ if they’re friendly or not.
  • Significant performance optimizations – all assets have been heavily optimized, specifically the Spuds and the home planet buildings.
  • New Spud AI on the home planet – the Spuds now interact with each other and find new interesting paths on the home planet.
  • Various new sound effects for all of your interactions (all spuds and vehicles have visual differences per level).