July 22, 2024

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Shattered Heaven Update Introduces New Game+

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Acclaimed Strategic Roguelike Receives New Content in First Free Update

Following a successful Early Access launch, Leonardo Interactive expands the Shattered Heaven experience with a new content update, introducing new cards, New Game + mode, additional difficulty options, and more.

Shattered Heaven’s War of Ascension wages on with the first free post-launch update. The Italian strategic roguelike with role-playing features and card game mechanics, now available in Early Access on Steam, becomes even richer thanks to the introduction of new content, aimed at both new players and completionists ready to build a new deck. The free update includes:

  • NEW GAME + mode, in which all characters’ cards from the base game are unlocked at the start
  • A set of new cards, for a total of 9 Hero Cards
  • 13 new cards obtainable in dungeons
  • 3 new “Elite” enemies, for intense boss fights
  • Two new difficulty levels in NEW GAME + mode (VESTAL+, EVERCHOSEN+)
  • New dungeon modifiers and conditions for even more dynamic exploration
  • New enemy group configurations
  • New NG+ progression, more skill points, and resources available

From the minds behind Dry Drowning, the successful futuristic and dystopian investigative visual novel, Shattered Heaven aims to be one of the leaders of the card-game genre, revolutionizing its foundation with innovative RPG elements and a dynamic deck-building system.

The Early Access launch of Shattered Heaven represents a unique opportunity for players to actively participate in the development of the game as during this phase, which will last for a few months, the developers will welcome feedback from users allowing them to shape the final experience. The first free update is just one piece of a rich content roadmap.