February 23, 2024

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Sesame Street Meets Resident Evil in “My Friendly Neighborhood”

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In the kid-friendly horror game My Friendly Neighborhood, you play as Gordon, a repairman tasked with shutting down the sudden broadcast of a canceled children’s TV show titled The Friendly Neighborhood.

Back in the day, the loveable show lit up TV screens and the smiling faces of children all across the world. Fans loved its colorful cast of kooky puppets who took them on educational adventures and delighted them with fun games. But the show’s popularity waned over time, and the studio had to ultimately shut its doors. Now the show’s characters are back on the air for an encore… wait, are those puppets eating each other!?

My Friendly Neighborhood launches on July 18, 2023, on PC. The release date for the PlayStation 4|5 and Xbox One and Series S|X versions of the game will be announced at a later date.