August 9, 2022

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Override: Mech City Brawl welcomes Stardust the sassy mechanized unicorn to the brawl

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Armed with hooves of steel and a giant drill for a horn, get ready to unleash rainbow-tinted destruction with Override’s first DLC competitor

Following hot on the heels of its action-packed launch, today Override: Mech City Brawl welcomes its first post-launch roster addition. Representing sugar, spice, and everything not-necessarily-nice, Stardust is a unicorn with an edge. With a strong aerial game, shooting star projectiles and mobility befitting her robo-equine nature, Stardust excels at keeping the pressure high and the combat fast-paced. Couple this with a horn that transforms into a massive drill to decimate the competition, and get ready to go beyond the impossible!

Available for free as part of Override’s Super Charged Mega Edition or for £3.29 on her own, Stardust makes a great addition to any super-sized team of brawlers. That’s not all mech fans have to look forward to this winter season. Getting into the holiday spirit, 10 new accessories are now available for players to unlock in the Garage, including a giant candy cane, snowman head, and colourful Christmas lights.

From Metageck-ing the halls to laying the smackdown with Stardust’s fierce aerial launches, the Override competitive landscape is already changing and growing. With 13 unique mechs currently available and even more standing menacingly on the horizon, there’s a lot of chrome face-punching and city destruction to get excited about. Whether you’re looking to take down an impending alien invasion in its story mode or prefer teaming up with friends to pilot a single mech’s many limbs, Override has a mode for everyone!

Override: Mech City Brawl is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, retailing at £29.99 for the Super Charged Mega Edition and £24.99 for the digital-only Standard Edition. The Super Charged Mega Edition is available in both retail stores and digitally.