June 24, 2024

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‘Heroes of Last Haven’ To Bring Tactical Card Battles and Meaningful NFT Gameplay to PC

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5,500 Minted Guild Passes To Grant Players Entrance to Upcoming Early Access Period

Sydney-based developer One Up Plus Entertainment and Thailand-based Yggdrazil Group PCL today announced Heroes of Last Haven, a unique fantasy digital NFT-based trading card game for PC that allows players to own their cards and other in-game assets, use those cards to level up and become more powerful, as well as trade them freely with one another, all while exploring a deep, rich world rife with adventure and danger complete with tactical and automatic card battles. The cards, along with special Guild Passes that will grant players entrance into a special Early Access period of the game, will launch later next month on the Polygon Blockchain via Unity WebGL client.

The world of Last Haven is in chaos. The earth beneath has begun to crumble, leaving the ground with gaping holes that lead to deep, dark chasms filled with terrible horrors. The city of Haven remains the last bastion of hope of fighting off the encroaching sunder, serving as a hub for would-be heroes and adventurers as they set out into the depths in search of glory and riches. The world is one of many races and creatures including humans, Sylvans, Naga, beasts, dragons, and even the undead. But, the deeper the heroes go, the more danger they encounter. What lies at the very bottom?

The journey into the deep is fraught with untold dangers, but five different factions await players eager to prove their mettle. Each faction comes aligned to a special affinity, granting them both unique strengths and weaknesses against the threats ahead:

Crusaders – Holy Affinity – The most powerful faction currently in Last Haven, Crusaders use the power of the light to smite foes and excel at unit combat.

Naturalists – Nature Affinity – Harness the enduring power of nature to ensnare foes on the battlefield, and summon large, durable units.

Sirens – Water Affinity – Become one with the waves to copy your opponent’s moves, and react to any situation that arises.

Deep Watch – Decay Affinity – The Security of Last Haven. Use any tactic to win, whether it’s Guerilla warfare or powerful sacrificial magic.

Sun Children – Fire Affinity – Followers of the “Teachings of the Sun” They use Direct Fire magic to melt foes, and harness the power of dragons to gain armor.

Gamers eager to gain entrance to the Heroes of Last Haven Early Access period will be able to purchase NFT Guild Passes, a special in-game trinket that will provide them with a small head start in-game, with Pass rarity increasing that benefit. Guild Pass minting is scheduled to drop on May 2nd at 8 AM PST/10 PM ICT/May 3rd 1 AM AEST. In total, the Guild Passes will be minted in a quantity of 5500 with a breakdown on rarity and total number each as listed below:

Common – 2475 (45% of total) minted

Uncommon – 1650 (30% of total) minted

Rare – 1100 (20% of total) minted

Epic – 248 (4.5% of total) minted

Legendary – 27 (0.5% of total) minted

Guild Pass ownership will also allow players to receive a free limited edition Hero card for the Crusader Arthur, with minting happening after the game’s official launch. The Arthur card will come in five rarities, each one detailing his character’s ascent to godhood. Players will receive one Arthur card per rarity of Guild Pass they own, so a player holding a Common Guild Pass would be able to receive one Common Arthur card. Conversely, a player holding a Legendary Guild Pass would be able to receive one Arthur card of each rarity.

Arthur, Pit Fighter – Common

Arthur, People’s Champion – Uncommon

Arthur, Prince of Battle – Rare

Arthur, Holy Monarch – Epic

Arthur, God King – Legendary

In addition, players who purchase a Guild Pass will also be granted entrance into a special tournament this summer, complete with a $20,000 prize pool, with more details to come soon.

For more information about Heroes of Last Haven please visit: www.heroesoflasthaven.com.

To join the game’s official Discord please visit: https://discord.gg/3JfdBgUXn4

About One Up Plus Entertainment

One Up Plus Entertainment was founded in 2012. From 2012-2017, the company mainly developed and published casual games on iOS and Android platforms, where it has over 100 games and more than 100 million downloads. From 2018 onward, the company’s main focus has been strategy card games on Steam and other PC platforms, as well as on Nintendo Switch and other gaming consoles.

About Yggdrazil Group PCL

Yggdrazil was founded in 2006. Listed on the Thailand Stock Exchange, the company is worth over $100 million, and is considered one of the most renowned VFX, animation, and VR studios in Bangkok. The studio specializes in full post-production services for commercials, feature films, games, cinematics, TV series, and VR360.