June 24, 2024

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Get Ready to Lock & Load with Gunsmith Simulator, Coming to Early Access on July 19th

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GameHunters & PlayWay S.A. are very happy to announce that Gunsmith Simulator is coming to Steam Early Access next week on July 19th! This newest simulator title lets players dive deep into the fit & finish of their favorite firearms as they live out the life of a virtual gunsmith.

Accept orders from customers. Renew broken pieces or make new ones entirely. Renovate old & rusty parts. Customize your guns to fit the client’s needs. Test your creations at the range. Complete the job and take on the next one.

Gunsmith Simulator will be hitting Steam in Early Access on July 19th for $19.99 USD, and any aspiring small arms servicers out there can wishlist it now!

About Gunsmith Simulator
Become a Gunsmith and unveil the great pleasure of working in your own workshop! Repair, restore and personalize guns to make unique pieces that every firearm lover will appreciate.

  • Accept: Start the day with the smell of fresh coffee & gun oil as you pick up jobs from “GunStock” to work on.
  • Renew: Carefully diagnose and dissemble your orders, find broken parts, and then order new ones or make your own. Nothing says DIY like milling your own receivers!
  • Renovate: Take these forgotten weapons and shine them up like new, cleaning off rust, applying fresh finishes, and maybe even putting on a fresh coat of paint.
  • Customize: Even the most standard weapon platform screams out for a personal touch. Configure and adapt your projects with all sorts of options to fit your client’s needs.
  • Test: The only thing as fun as building guns… is shooting them! Take your creations out to the range to test them on targets, shooting skeet, or taking on tactical CQB courses.
  • Complete: When it’s all done, you’ll tearfully hand the gun back to its owner. From there you can take on more orders and grow your business, all built on a passion for guns!