July 22, 2024

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‘DwarfHeim’ Developers Gear Up for a Weekend of RTS Streaming

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Merge Games along with Norway based developers, Pineleaf Studio are releasing DwarfHeim into Early Access this Fall. This weekend they’re taking the time to settle some old office scores, boot up their DwarfHeim game and stream some Co-op RTS action! As part of the Gamescom event the DwarfHeim developers will be live streaming to the world from their own Pineleaf Twitch channel. Be sure to tune in and check out the future of RTS games.

Pineleaf’s streaming schedule is detailed below, if you miss one stream don’t worry there will be plenty of others! You can read all about the different game modes they’ll be showing off too!

Friday Aug 28

6 pm CEST Skirmish Mode Stream

Saturday Aug 29

12 pm CEST Conquest Mode Stream

6 pm CEST Survival Mode Stream

Sunday Aug 30

12 pm CEST Sandbox Mode Stream

6 pm CEST Conquest Mode Stream

  • Single-Player and Online Co-op
  • Survival — A gruelling and fast-paced challenge mode. All classes, buildings, units and abilities are immediately unlocked. Test your strategies and strength with the various difficulty settings. Challenge yourself and try to outlive the onslaught of troll waves that come your way in the Survival mode.
  • Sandbox — A more relaxed game mode for the player who likes to take their time. Expand your settlement across the map in this single-player mode. All units and buildings are immediately unlocked, build your own experience, and create your perfect settlement in the Sandbox mode.
  • Multiplayer
  • Conquest — The main co-op multiplayer mode of DwarfHeim. Choose a class, join up with 2 other players and work together to tear through the enemy team’s defenses and destroy their Town Hall.
  • New Game-Mode: SKIRMISH (Single-Player and Online Co-op)
  • Skirmish — Put your strategies to the test in this challenging mode. Pit your Dwarves against an AI-controlled rival clan in a series of maps each more challenging than the last. Overcome challenges in each map from varying abundance of resources to difficult terrain and destroy the other Dwarven settlement before they come for you!

DwarfHeim’s asymmetric co-op style means players stay within their chosen class for the duration of a game. All players and classes share the common goal of growing their Dwarven Clan. They also pool and share their resources: Warriors, Builders, and Miners must work together; and agree on what’s best for the group. DwarfHeim’s unique focus on team gameplay encourages players to work together; a Builder may need stone for walls, but the Miner needs wood to refine the stone and build underground structures. Communication is key and sacrifice may be required.

DwarfHeim is currently in development by Pineleaf Studio and is scheduled to release into Early Access this Fall. Immerse yourself in the world of DwarfHeim today on Steam and add the game to your wishlist here! DwarfHeim will be running a closed beta from September 4 to 6,, join the Discord to learn how to get your hands on a key!