August 13, 2022

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‘Destroy All Humans!’ – PC Review

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What’s going on Gameologists! Welcome to Gameology News review of Destroy All Humans!. The game is developed by Black Forest Games and Pandemic Studio. Published by THQ Nordic, this is a game taking us back to the early 2000’s by giving this game a great new facelift as well as a few extras we didn’t get the first run.

Destroy All Humans! takes place in the 1950’s when a Furon spaceship, piloted by Crypto-136, is hit by a nuke. This event leads to the investigation of what happened to our fallen comrade. As Crypto-137, the player is sent on a wild investigation across 6 maps, 22 missions, and 4 events in each map location. 

Graphics for the remake of this 2005 Playstation 2 and Xbox game were significantly upgraded. All of the textures have been remodeled. Seeing Crypto-137 in all of his gray glory is wonderful. The environments vary from map to map, so nothing feels repetitive. In the beginning of Destroy All Humans! the player will start the game in a small farm town, then work their way up through the country to Capital City. Each area has its own themes as well as tougher difficulty than the last. I’m glad to see this level of tender loving care go into a game that had such a cult fan following that it got three sequels.

The audio of Destroy All Humans! seems to be the least enhanced piece of this remake. The quality of the original soundtrack and voice acting was left alone. If any improvement was made it isn’t noticeable. The only time the difference was distinct was during the Area 42 missions, which is expected since we never actually got that mission in the original game. In maintaining the original sound they also preserved the original comedy, and that is a huge chunk of what makes this cult classic so entertaining. I found myself running around in every zone to hear all the funny comments humans make to tell the player what they are thinking about. More amusing were the comments made by the Cryptosporidium about humans and their planet Earth.

While seeming to be a game all about killing to pass the time and collect that yummy Furon infused human DNA to help prolong the Furon Race, Destroy All Humans! also turns out to be more spy and espionage inspired. A lot of the missions encourage and even reward the player for completing bonus objectives center around using stealth. Infiltration is key while playing the main story. When it comes to the free roam maps afterwards let the carnage begin. Adding new abilities, like Transmogrify, you’re sure to never run out of ammo on your spree of mass destruction all over the USA of the 1950’s. Combining the new abilities with the existing ones, the upgrades provided by Pox have been increased from 18 to 66 in total, which adds a whole new layer of excitement to destroying all humans. While traveling the zones you can use a new Dash System. When fully upgraded, the dash ability gives you access to everlasting boot Skates, which makes traversing the zone and collecting all of the malfunctioning probes a breeze, as well as the 4 mini events of each map. Those events are Race, Abduction, Rampage, and Armageddon, each with their own different style per map.

When I first loaded Destroy All Humans! I had never played any of the series before. The nostalgia of the sci-fi music and almost twilight zone start pulled me in even more. From the beginning to end the game continued to amp up the challenge as well as keep me laughing. No matter if I had an accidental death, or even when I just didn’t have the strategy down, I felt the urgent need to push on. I had to destroy all of the ‘pathic simians’. It makes me happy to know there are three more games in the series that could hopefully get this same kind of remake treatment. If you’re new to the series I believe you will definitely have fun for quite a few hours. While fans of the series may finish it faster I think they will be happy with the update to one of their favorite games from the 2000’s  

Destroy All Humans! will launch on July 28th and is available for pre-order on PC, PlayStation®4, and Xbox One™ from your preferred retailer, and also available for pre-order digitally on PC and Xbox One™. The SRP of the PC version is €29.99 / $29.99 / £24.99 / ₽1.529, and the SRP for consoles is €39.99 / $39.99 / £34.99 / ₽2.799 (PlayStation®4 and Xbox One™).

Final Score: 3.95/5

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