August 9, 2022

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‘Cat Quest II’ Out Meow for PC on Steam!

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We’re delighted to share that the most pawsome RPG around Cat Quest II releases today on Steam! In the sequel to the award-winning indie hit Cat Quest, you’ll be playing as both a cat and dog as you explore their kingdoms solo or with a friend! Quest in a world filled with magic, curious monsters, and go on a catventure like never before!

Cat Quest 2 will also be pouncing onto Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later this Autumn!

A New Kingdom to Explore
Vast deserts, towering rocks and auburn meadows: the Lupus Empire is just as beautiful, unique and full of quests as its neighboring feline land. Catventure through this chequered realm, join furces with new allies and help liberate it from its emperor-gone-mad: Wolfen!

Whoever said that Cats & Dogs were enemies? An unlikely pair of heroes join furces in Cat Quest II, where you and a friend can team up for some multiplayer action!

New weapons, spells and more!
What would an adventure be without some sweet loot? Cat Quest II offers even more diversity by adding new weapon types – like ranged wands – and spells as well as passive skills on armour pieces you find and upgrade during your quests!

We’re happy to confirm the following languages for the release of #CatQuest2 on launch! English, French (Canadian and continental), Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Thai, Korean, Japanese, Turkish, and Chinese (simplified and traditional)!