June 4, 2023

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Become the Coconut in ‘Tchia’s Morphing Island Adventure!

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Climb, glide, swim, and transform around a beautiful archipelago as Tchia, who embarks on an intimate journey.

Tchia, the game’s name and the name of our lead, is a young lady who’ll go on an incredible journey of discovery and growth across a fantastical world inspired by the islands of New Caledonia. The team at Awaceb is based out of Bordeaux, France, but many are from New Caledonia and we’re honored to help them share this love letter to their home. Players will get to experience New Caledonia’s rich culture and tradition through Tchia’s adventure and confront an ominous threat looming over the islands.

The single-player, story-driven Tchia gameplay experience will be flush with adventure, exploration, action and stealth, epic story moments, and intimate character interactions. At its core, Tchia is inspired by classic and contemporary open-world adventures and the final tapestry is one the wide gaming community will want to take note of.

There will be opportunities to preview, review, stream, and create video content as we head toward the full launch and there’s so much more about the game we’re eager to share with you all, so add Tchia to your watchlist so that you know immediately when the latest news goes live.