September 30, 2022

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“Battle Planet – Judgement Day” Brings Furious Sci-Fi Top-down Arcade Action to PC this Fall

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Sometimes, you just wanna (virtually) blow things up — and that’s exactly what you’ll do in the aptly named Battle Planet – Judgement Day when it arrives on PC this fall! In development by THREAKS, the game is a top-down rogue-lite where, as a wanted criminal who has escaped from a crashed transport ship, you must blast your way through attacking waves of police, military, aliens, and robots in an endless orgy of sci-fi destruction. Zip around the surfaces of alien worlds as you annihilate your foes and move on to even more challenging planets!

Your goal in Battle Planet – Judgement Day is simple — survive! Finish all the planets in a star system, and you’ll jump to another with ever-more deadly foes. Lucky for you, your ship receives a steady stream of upgrades, making it more devastating and durable.

Developed by THREAKS and published by Wild River (the gaming label of EuroVideo Medien GmbH) Battle Planet – Judgement Day arrives on PC this September!